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    alegro prosthetic izborFacing the situation
    The idea of having to choose a prosthetics centre could be annoying and stressful. People often face this choice while in state of shock, grief or serious illness.
    If this sounds like Your case, rest assured that You are not alone, and that thousands of other people have found their way to cope with this situation.
    Take a deep breath and remember: You will also find it.
    Sometimes You could feel anxious and confused.
    Try to gradually surmount this experience, step by step. One step at a time, one issue to solve at a time.
    You will have a lot of things to learn and to help You at least a little, we have included here some of the most important aspects to take into account.

    Prosthetic care will be part of Your life from that moment on.
    Unlike Your surgeon, physiotherapist and even some of Your friends, You will continue seeing the provider of prosthetics services for the rest of Your life.
    It will be important to have a provider with whom You can build good relations and who You are convinced will always act in Your best interest.
    Open and honest communication is the foundation of successful relationships of patient and prosthetic technician.

    Prosthetic technology is progressing ahead in ever new and brave directions.
    Adapting to use of a prosthesis can be difficult but it is nevertheless encouraging to know that technology in the field of prosthetics constantly evolve.
    Light materials like titanium, carbon and flexible plastic are combined with microprocessors and sensors to create prosthetic limbs with exceptional functionalities.
    Modern technology and design allow prosthetic users to enjoy more comfort and freedom than it was possible only a few years back.
    It is of decisive significance that Your provider has access to the newest technology, materials and components.

    A New Beginning
    Amputation is not the end, but a new start.
    You will have lots of questions, concerns and solutions.
    Your success will be deeply influenced by the information that You receive and by Your attitude to matters.
    From the moment You enter the Prosthetics Centre, our goal is to guarantee a calm and welcoming experience for You.
    This first visit of a prosthetic technician is stressful for new patients.
    If You have recently undergone an amputation, it is only normal to feel a little scared, anxious or even sad, when You face the new realities in Your life.
    If You have experience in the use of prosthetics but are looking for a different provider, it could be a real challenge for You to muster the energy to start anew with a new prosthetic technician.
    Regardless of the reasons behind Your first visit, it is our wish to eliminate any kind of stress that You might feel and to replace it with a renewed feeling of hope.

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