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    protezirane gorni krainiciThe type of prosthesis You will be wearing is determined to a large extent by the length of the residual limb.

    Although we would encourage most people with an amputated upper limb to at least try wearing a prosthesis, some people adapt with time to the difference in their limbs and prefer to not wear a prosthesis.
    Our goal is to make sure that You understand well all available options so You can make an informed choice for Yourself.
    Even if You have previously decided to not use a prosthesis, it is always possible to fix an appointment with a prosthetist and to review Your options.
    It is important to note that in general, the longer a person lives without wearing an upper-limb prosthesis, the harder it is to get used to prosthetics and to learn.

    Options and Type of Prostheses

    One possible choice is to not wear a prosthesis.
    For some this is the best choice and the option with which they feel most comfortable.
    It could be that the functional advantages of using prosthetics is limited for them and they prefer to adapt to the impairment.
    Other reasons could be negative experience associated to their first prosthesis or the perspective of surgical intervention to alter the residual limb, which is sometimes necessary for the successful fitting and attachment of the prosthesis.

    protezirane gorni krainici 01Passive Prostheses

    The passive prosthesis, which constitutes a cosmetic reconstitution of the external appearance of the arm, is one of the possibilities for patients with an amputated upper limb.
    It is an excellent choice for users who do not need precision of the grip but are still looking for a type with natural cosmetic appearance.

    protezirane gorni krainici 02Conventional or Body-Powered Prostheses

    Conventional or body-powered prosthesis is an option for some users with amputated upper limbs.
    This prosthesis is attached with straps, tied over the shoulder or the upper body.
    It is actioned by moving the upper body, using a cable linked to the straps at one end and with a mechanical hand, hook or elbow at the other end.
    Some believe that this type of prosthesis offers them a wider range of functions and control than the cosmetic prosthesis.

    Myoelectric Prostheses

    One of the most popular prostheses is the myoelectric one.
    The user controls the prosthesis by contracting the muscles in the residual limb, generating EMG (electromyographic) signals which activate the electrical motor in the elbow, wrist and hand.
    The myoelectric prosthesis allows for a wider range of motion, a more natural physical appearance and an increased capacity for work.

    Hybrid Prostheses

    Combining elements of conventional and electric prostheses creates a different option – the hybrid option.
    The hybrid prosthesis offers the user the possibility to control the elbow and the hand at the same time. This function could significantly increase the potential for rehabilitation of some patients.

    protezirane gorni krainici 03Adaptive Prostheses

    A prosthesis specific to a given activity is intended for people whose special requirements cannot be fulfilled by the commonly available prosthetic options.
    Different types of limb devices could be used depending on the specialist activity.
    For example, on request from the user could be designed tools for swimming, basketball, baseball, golf, fishing, photography, billiards and most other leisure activities.

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